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Tower Stool Company's 24 inch tall TRUCKER'S TABLE fits perfectly in the cab between the driver and passenger seat. Also, fits in a motor coach vehicle up front between the seats.


This makes for an easy reach for the trucker who needs a refreshing drink or snack as well as a handy table for filling out his daily log book or working on his laptop computer..


This sturdy folding table with a base of 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" permits it to stand firm as the truck moves along.


The tabletop is 15" x 15" and is made with raised edges and two cup holder slots. This table is made of layered hardwood, featuring our patented folding hinge design with brass-plated steel hinges, fasteners and a Polyurethane finish.

The TRUCKER'S TABLE opens instantly and folds compactly 4 1/2" for storage. The table can easily be carried into the sleeper and used as a table for eating and writing. The table can be built with or without the cup slots.




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