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This strong, sturdy folding shooter's bench is made for the shooter who relies on a steady surface to zero in on his target. It's quick and easy to set up. Simply lift the platform top, fold the side leg into place, push the lock in and you're ready to shoot.



- Made for either right or left-handed shooters
- Built entirely of baltic birch wood
- Water-resistant finish
- Feet of bench are sealed with Hard Coat Plastic
- OPEN - 42" L x 32" H x 24" W (34" height also available)
- Special heights made for wheelchair handicap people.
- Plenty of top space for gun supplies
- Legs hinged and riveted by machine
- Utilizes the stability of the tripod concept
- Stands firm on most terrain

The Wheelchair Shooter's Bench
The Wheelchair Shooter's Bench has been designed especially for the Shooter that needs to shoot from the Wheelchair. This Bench is built so there is room enough to get under the bench easily without getting out of the Wheelchair. The outside edge is slightly raised to prevent Ammo and other supplies from rolling off - extra wide top for ample room for arms.The top measures 30" wide x 43" long with part cutout for the Shooters - 35" Total Height - 30" leg room. Weighs only 28 lbs.The unique Tripod Design stands steady on uneven ground - does not readily sink into soft ground.


No loose parts - opens in seconds - comes completely assembled.

Built of Baltic Birch plywood. Folds Flat 6" thickness. Feet are coated with plastic dip to discourage moisture. Bench has a poly3 coat finish.
When ordering: Please specify if you are a right or left hand shoot



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