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This handy stool is great for the kitchen, bathroom, children's room, closet, garage, gardening, camping and RV-ing. The 6" Plastic Folding Step Stool is available only in White or Black and features an 11" x 6" top and has a 300 lbs capacity!
The 12" high stool comes in black, white and beige.
The 9" stools are available in 10 colors, forest green, dark red, sapphire blue, beige, white, red, yellow, blue, green, and black. The 12" Plastic Folding Stool comes in white, beige and black.

When you want a plastic folding step stool you have choices. There are different heights and colors and we bring many of these choices to you. You may wonder about the quality of a plastic folding stool but all your fears are about to be put to rest. Every plastic step stool that we sell is made to be used and made to last. Patent Number D460-566

Can Plastic Stools Really Provide Enough Support?
These plastic holding step stools can provide incredible amounts of support. They are built to be tough and to last as you use them over and over. They do close and take up less than a few inches of width. Also, they come with convenient carrying handles. At the same time, when they are opened they lock into place and can support as much as 300lbs depending on the exact stool type and size that you buy. This means that even though the stool itself is lightweight, it is strong enough to hold a good amount of weight. These stools have skid resistant tops to make them even safer as you use them for a step up.

Where Can You Use These Plastic Folding Step Stools?
You can use these plastic folding step stools anywhere you would use a regular step stool but, because these stools are lightweight, collapsible, and have convenient carrying handles, you can use them anywhere you want more easily than regular stools. You could use them around the home to keep from having to reach high above your head to get objects. You could employ them so that children will be able to reach bathroom sinks to brush their teeth and wash their hands. You can even use them to get into vans, trucks, or cars. These plastic step stools are convenient enough that you really could use them anywhere you need a step up.

Is There More Than One Kind Of Plastic Folding Step Stool?
You have a plethora of options when you decide to purchase these plastic stools. There are stools of different heights, colors, and styles. You only need to browse our inventory to realize just how many options you have when you decide to purchase one of these marvelous contraptions. Whether you are looking for plastic folding step stools or shooting benches, we can help. Sometimes you need a step up and sometimes you need a place to sit down and we have it all. Just take a look at our selection and you will find all the folding stools and benches you could ever want.


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