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Not all stools and benches are the same. Our folding stools and folding benches are unique creations and give you benefits that other ordinary stools and benches cannot. If you have ever wanted a bench or stool that would work for you and fit into your life then our folding wooden stools and folding wooden benches are for you.

What Makes These Benches And Stools So Different?
Our benches and stools are made to be different form the start. They benefit from our patented hinge design and this is the secret to why they are so amazing. Our folding stools open and close with the flick of a wrist making them easy to use when you need them and easy to store out of the way when you don't. When you close them they take up less than 3 inches of storage space so they can fit practically anywhere. They are easy to carry because they are so lightweight yet they are still durable, strong, and able to stand up to lots of use. Our folding stools are made out of layered hardwood and are completed with brass plated hinges.

Choose The Right Folding Stools and Benches For You
Our folding wooden stools and folding wooden benches are available in a variety of sizes. Our stools are available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24, and 30 inch heights so whatever height you need in a stool you will be able to get from us. Beyond that, you can specially request hand painted lettering, Rosemaling, Scandinavian art, Western art, Folk art, logos, and more. In these ways and more you can customize your stool to your tastes.Our folding benches come in sizes of 16 or 18 inches high. Our stools are oak veneer layered hardwood with brass plated steel hinges and are collapsible just like our stools. You can open up these benches when you need the additional seating that they can provide and close them when you don't. If you ever thought that you could not have a beautiful wooden bench around your home because you do not have the space then think again. These benches only take up space when you want them to.

Our folding benches and folding stools are nothing short of miracles. They give you the ability to step up or sit down when you want and to keep your space free and clear when you don't. All this with the beauty of finished wood means beauty and function have come together at last.



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