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Workstation Table
Portable Desk, Tower Stool
Easy wheelchair access too!

For people on the move, folding tables and chairs have been developed for sitting and events. This Workstation Table features a center curve that allows the person to sit close to the table, which is important for reaching when writing, reading, eating, or working on a Laptop computer. This portable folding table is attractive, sturdy, and fully functional.
This versital table also makes a perfect score keepers table for virtually any sport you enjoy.

The Table stands at 27" tall, with a top surface of 16" wide by 30" long, and weighs 12 lbs. It folds down to a 4" thickness, is easy to carry, and sets up instantly. Made of Baltic Birch and finished with a hard coat seal. The "Workstation" is a new design table, Patent Pending by Reed E Henschel of Faith SD

Portable Desk, Tower Stool


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