Tower Stool Company is proud to introduce the innovative, new Needle-Guard™ Vaccination Table, which will make inoculating farm and ranch animals far less stressful. The Vaccination Table was designed with the help of South Dakota ranchers to make the vaccinating process easier, safer, and more efficient.

The Needle-Guard™ features 4 color-coded holsters for vaccine guns that allow for easy, controlled access during the stressful vaccination process. The holsters will accommodate both plastic and metal guns and keep them out of direct sunlight when not in use. The color coded holsters hold up to four different vaccines in precise order, eliminating costly mix-ups and mistakes. The holsters are easily removable for cleaning and storage. The Needle-Guard contains a heat distribution method for warming vaccines during cold weather use. In addition the tankards can be used to store ice or dry ice to cool vaccines in hot weather.


The Needle-Guard™ also features 2 large tankards for holding extra vaccine, disinfectant for cleanup, and waste by-products. These extra large waterproof tankards have hard plastic flip-top lids and brass plated steel hinges. Like the holsters, the tankards are easily removable for cleaning and storage. Veterinarians know that vaccines are more effective when kept at normal room temperature. The Needle-Guard™ provides a stable base for vaccinating even in the most rugged environment making the entire process more efficient and effective. The table can be set-up even while wearing gloves in a matter of seconds. Like all Tower Stool Products, the Needle-Guard™ folds flat for easy transportation and compact storage.


The Needle-Guard™ is constructed of Baltic Birch wood with brass plated steel hinges. The table has a mar-resistant polyurethane finish and the legs are dipped in hard plastic to keep them from absorbing moisture from the ground. With over 90 square inches of workspace the Needle-Guard™ provides an ample, stable work platform that can be assembled in seconds. The table weighs 27 pounds so it can be moved easily by both men and women.