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Reed E. Henschel of Faith, South Dakota, designer and patent holder of the Tower Stool, is a multi-talented individual. He writes poetry and stories and has developed a unique style of "Rock Art" which he incorporates into exterior and interior designs as well as doing woodworking. He has a heritage of building, designing and woodworking that has been passed down from grandfather to father to son.Reed has designed and built many fireplaces in the Black Hills area with his "Rock Art" in addition to adding "Rock Art" facades to many buildings. His skill as an ironworker has led to his designing and building several cemetery gates and church crosses.


When a young professional athlete approached him to build a strong, light, compact, folding, exercise stool he knew it could be done. Reed has always believed there should be a lighter way of making stools with an improved method of folding. Reed feels a strong motivation to develop a product where he sees a need. Designing the folding movement gave him the assurance that his first 12" high stool would develop into much more than a stool. The stool becomes an instant table by adding a tabletop. The height of the tabletop is adjustable by simply placing it on a different size stool. Once his concept became a reality he knew he could adapt the folding design to other products.


Some of the other folding furniture he has designed include pedestals for sculpture art, tabletop lecterns, floor lecterns, tables both for home use and dog grooming, storage benches, shooters benches, work benches, and bookcases.

Designing furniture is a very rewarding experience for Reed. It gives him an exhilarating feeling of contributing something useful to the public.

Reed received the "Best of Show, South Dakota" in "The 1997 Quest for America's Best" in "QVC's 50 in 50 Tour."


Reed placed third in the household division of the Twenty-eighth Minnesota Inventors Congress in 1985. His folding lectern won the Silver Medal at the Thirty-seventh Minnesota Inventors Congress in 1994.The original 9" high plastic folding stool, now being marketed as the Turtle Stool or EZ Foldz was patented by Reed E Henschel of Tower Stool LLC using his original folding movement design. It is now a most popular household stool and uses are many. Made in the USA.


The "New " Volleyball Table, better known as the Coaches Box, designed and patented by Reed Henschel, has been in use for a year now and is being used by Universities, Colleges and schools throughout the USA.

There was a need for a secure platform for the Volleyball Coaches to stand on, throwing balls to the players during during practice. The" Coaches Box" is also being used for Beach Volleyball.This design was made to be stable and strong but also folds compact for storage which is a need for Athletic Equipment. See our Coaches Box on our web site.

For people on the move, folding tables and chairs have been developed for sitting and events. This Workstation Table features a center curve that allows the person to sit close to the table, which is important for reaching when writing, reading, eating, or working on a Laptop computer. This portable folding table is attractive, sturdy, and fully functional. The "Workstation" is a new design table, Patent Pending by Reed E Henschel of Faith SD

Needle-Guard Livestock Vaccination Table keeps 4 Vaccine Guns organized for easy access, Folds Flat for Easy Storage & transportation, Color Coding Eliminates Confusion, Extra Large Tankards for Extra Vaccine, Disinfectant, & Waste Keeps Vaccines Warm in Cold Weather (Heating unit included!) It's also Weather & Water Resistant!

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